Why Have I Turned My Instagram Into an Art Gallery?

For everyone that does not know, my Instagram has become more artistic and colourful. In resent months I have been posting my digital art. These graphic design works have been consisting of random shapes, my logo, and more. I have also been picking a colour for every 6 artworks. This has created a nice colourful type theme.

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I’m Back

I am back
Hello to the 2 or 3 people who will read this. I have come to say that I am back.
My goal was to be more active here on this site but I have failed. I have not posted in almost a year and will not use any excuses either.

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Uppermost – Impact EP

Uppermost Impact

Let me share with you some awesome music by Uppermost. My plan on this blog is to post loads of new music that I am into at the moment and hopefully expose great artists too the world. I will be posting ,mainly electronic music but I am open to many genres. As time goes on you will see a great verity of music here. I am already in the works of creating categories to keep everything organized and to help find the music you want to here faster depending on your tastes.

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Beginners Guide: Making A Dance Beat 


Today I would like to share a YouTube video tutorial I made ages ago. This is a beginner lesson which focuses on the different parts of a dance beat. Later in the video you can listen the beat in a song accompanied by different layers. This tutorial broke 100k views and helped many people so I thought I should share it on my blog

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How Failure Is A Good Thing


First off I would like to say that failures a Bitch. We have all been their before because it’s impossible to live a life without it. No one is perfect after all. We can try to avoid failing but sometimes it just has to happen. We need a kick in the pants every now and then and that is what failure provides. It also serves as a knowledgeable tool for future success.


Take a look at all my failures. This blog is the third blog I have created. My first blog disappeared because I did not pay to renew the domain and web hosting. My second blog is still active but I now longer update it. There are also lots of other parts in my life that are failures. Moving forward I know that I will not always fail. A good motto to remember which I found somewhere is “the more you fail the closer you are to success.”

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Deep & Sweet Spotify Playlist

production tips

Just a quick post here today. I Made a playlist on Spotify to share with my fans. I believe in adding to the community so I decided to share some of my music tastes that I have been into lately. This playlist is pure Deep House, which is comprised more or less of underground producers. My aim is to introduce new music to people. Anyway this 10 song playlist will sure get you grooving. Hit play and let the deep, deep sounds fill your space.


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5 Beginner Production Tips

Here are five producer tips that everyone should know. These five tips may be obvious to you but maybe not so much to other. Even though this is aimed for beginners the more advanced producers should follow these as well. When producing the most important thing is to have fun. Tip two is to be… Continue Reading

A Simple Little Introduction

Ok, here goes nothing. I would like to say that musically I have hit a rut. I guess I am going through something like writers block. You can look at the music section on this site and you will see a big void in releases. Anyway I could make excuses or I can move on.… Continue Reading