How Failure Is A Good Thing


First off I would like to say that failures a Bitch. We have all been their before because it’s impossible to live a life without it. No one is perfect after all. We can try to avoid failing but sometimes it just has to happen. We need a kick in the pants every now and then and that is what failure provides. It also serves as a knowledgeable tool for future success.


Take a look at all my failures. This blog is the third blog I have created. My first blog disappeared because I did not pay to renew the domain and web hosting. My second blog is still active but I now longer update it. There are also lots of other parts in my life that are failures. Moving forward I know that I will not always fail. A good motto to remember which I found somewhere is “the more you fail the closer you are to success.”


So how exactly is failure a good thing? When approached by failure you need to look at the obvious and pat your self on the back. You know that if you failed at something at least you tried. Even if you did not put in your 100% you still followed a path and know you can do better on the next try. Lets say your goal was to exercise five times a week and you only exercised twice. That is still better then a person who sat on the couch the whole week dreaming about success. Twice a week is definitely a step in the right direction and you can use your failure as motivation to exercise more the following week.


Now what is important about the above is what you are going to do on the next try. Lots of people end their journeys after failure. The truth is the journey has only began. Yes the odd time failure means the end, but a new opportunity should be lined up waiting for you to tackle. For example I have created things that have sucked but I will never stop creating.


When approached with a failure you have to step back and analyse. Most people never stop to smell the roses and think. By analyzing you can see if your goal is worth fixing. If that is the case than you can analyze your mistakes and see where you can improve. This is all going to be one big learning process. You may actually find that your failure is an easy fix. If it’s not an easy fix you should remember that life is not always supposed to be easy. Your goals should scare the living shit out of you.


What I am getting at is that you can learn from your journeys and that is always a good thing. You should have many failures in your life. Just don’t take that as advice to purposely quit or tank a project. If you have worked hard and a failure comes along take it and move forward. Success is right around and will come when you overcome all opticles.


I shared some of my failures feel free to share some of yours in the comments below.


Thank You