A Simple Little Introduction

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Ok, here goes nothing. I would like to say that musically I have hit a rut. I guess I am going through something like writers block. You can look at the music section on this site and you will see a big void in releases. Anyway I could make excuses or I can move on.

What I am getting at is I think its time for me to maybe step back . Well I am going through this period I want to still be active and that is why you are reading this blog. In the past I had a blog here and I also ran Orangetic Music, which I no longer update. Now I have plans to actually be active.

So in the coming weeks when you come here you will start seeing content to read. What is it all be blabbing on about? Not fully sure yet but it will definitely be something of value. Yes some days I may feel the need to rant but I mostly want to share my knowledge on music and non music related topics. I also want to motivate people to hustle, connect with the word, and achieve greatness.

Well that is all for today. In the mean time you can sign up for my new newsletter and get all the latest updates. You can also leave a comment.
Thank you