Uppermost – Impact EP

Uppermost Impact

Let me share with you some awesome music by Uppermost. My plan on this blog is to post loads of new music that I am into at the moment and hopefully expose great artists too the world. I will be posting ,mainly electronic music but I am open to many genres. As time goes on you will see a great verity of music here. I am already in the works of creating categories to keep everything organized and to help find the music you want to here faster depending on your tastes.

In the mean time enjoy this new EP by French producer and DJ Uppermost. This 6 track masterpiece called “Impact” will provide you with a nice section of electronic in your life. Everything he produces is gold and this EP is no different. Uppermost thinks outside box and creates music in many different genres. I am always excited when I here new music from  him and I get sucked into the journey.

Impact EP tracklist:

1. Hold Me Up (feat. Vita Schmidt)
2. Watch You Blaze (feat. Dutch Party)
3. Impact
4. Cyclic Control
5. Whisper (feat. Jessica Gabrielle)
6. Talisman (feat. Lisa Alma)


Well enough with the talking. Check out the EP right here on Spotify or watch the music video for first song “Hold Me Up” on YouTube.


Thank you