Why Have I Turned My Instagram Into an Art Gallery?

For everyone that does not know, my Instagram has become more artistic and colourful. In resent months I have been posting my digital art. These graphic design works have been consisting of random shapes, my logo, and more. I have also been picking a colour for every 6 artworks. This has created a nice colourful type theme.

The whole art gallery concept came to light when i was bored looking at Instagram. I knew I wanted to share more with the world but was no longer sure what to post. I don’t have exciting travel photos to share and not really into the whole selfie thing so I had to get creative. Being interested in digital art led me to my artistic journey.


I will fully admit that my artwork is not the best but the more I create the better I will become. I am also improving my creativity by constantly having to think of new pictures to create. This task is more challenging then one may think.


Thank you to the people who have liked my art so far. By posting such designs I hope to be original and share a new creative perspective.


Check out my Instagram Here and look out for more in the future.


Thank You